Too Good To Go Magic Bags are becoming more and more popular as both a way to save money and to reduce food waste. Here is what I got in the Caffe Nero Too Good To Go magic bag.

Caffe Nero Too Good To Go


Food waste is a massive problem in the UK. Not only is there a lot of food waste from farm to table, but there are also extra resources that go to waste, like water and labour. Did you know that 8% of the global greenhouse gas emissions come from wasted food?

Too Good To Go have teamed up with restaurants, stores and supermarkets so that perfectly edible food isn’t just thrown out at the end of the day. A restaurant or supermarket can let Too Good To Go know how many Magic Bags they have available, and then you can purchase one for a big discount.

You won’t know what you will get until you collect it but it could be anything from bakery items to fruit and vegetables. There are even world buffet restaurants using the app, so there is a lot of choice.

Since you can’t control what you get in your Magic Bag, it won’t be suitable for all dietary needs.


Yes, totally!

We all know that some sell-by dates are rubbish – an apple or potato doesn’t know to go off at the stroke of midnight on the date on the packet. They can sometimes last days and weeks after the date on the packet.

You won’t be receiving moludy or gross food at all – and if you do then you can contact Too Good To Go’s customer service to report this.

How much is a caffe nero Too Good To Go Magic Bag?

The price of your bag will depend on the cafe, shop or restaurant you are collecting from.

The Caffe Nero Too Good To Go cost me £3.09.

A Costa Too Good To Go bag will cost you £3, a Starbucks Too Good To Go costs £4.50, the Greggs Too Good To Go bag costs £2.59 and a Morrisons Too Good To Go bag will set you back £3.09.

Caffe Nero Too Good To Go contents

Caffe Nero Too Good To Go

Like other Too Good To Go bags we have tried out, we had a nice mixture of sweet and savoury.

We had a ham and mozzarella panini.

Caffe Nero Too Good To Go

A vegan meatball panini and a mozzarella and tomato toastie.

Caffe Nero Too Good To Go

A muffin.

Caffe Nero Too Good To Go

And some chocolate cake – like a cheese cake.

HOW TO GET A Cafe Nero Too Good To Go MAGIC BAG

The Caffe Nero Too Good To Go magic bags are really popular, so here are my top tips for securing one:

  • Make sure you have the app downloaded.
  • Add your payment details (card, Apply Pay or Paypal is fine)
  • Check the app regularly as you won’t get a notification when the bags go on sale.


To collect your Cafe Nero Too Good To Go order simply grab head to the till with your phone – you will need to show the app and mark it as collected on the app.

Tell a staff member what you are there for and they will sort it out for you.

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