You know when you’re at the till and the cashier asks “would you like a receipt?”, start saying yes. Not only are they good to help keep track of finances and needed should you have to return something to the store, you can also scan receipts for money back. Mrs Pinch runs down the best ways to earn cash and rewards with those tiny bits of paper.


Use SnapMyEats and you could earn a couple of extra pounds every month, simply by taking photos of the receipts for your food and drink. Maybe you buy a coffee on the go or head to a restaurant with a friend for dinner. Simply answer a couple of question, snap a photograph of your receipt and for every 3 receipts you’ll earn £1. So you could earn £5 a month with just 15 receipts. That’s the price of a couple of coffees or maybe a take out lunch. You can download it from both the App Store & Google Play.


This is an Android only app at the moment and you can upload up to 5 receipts per day. With every upload you’ll earn coins which you can then use to enter sweepstakes or save up to convert to things such as Amazon vouchers.

Receipt Hog

Simply snap images of your receipts and earn points with Receipt Hog. The amount of points you earn differs depending on how much has been spent on the receipt. Earning between 5 and 20 points per receipt you can accumulate up to 100 points per week. Receipt Hog also lets you take part in the Hog Slots where you can earn extra coins, cash or even win back the amount spent on your receipt!


Scan receipts and answer surveys for real rewards such as shopping vouchers with HuYu. 5 points per receipt, cash out when you reach 500 points. Make sure your receipts are from valid stores. HuYu accepts them from the big supermarkets such as Asda, Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsburys, Morrisons, Co-Op, Lidl and Aldi.


This app is available on both Apple and Android and by scanning your receipts you can earn tokens to save up for vouchers. You can also take part in surveys and earn extra points by scanning more often.

One of the best things is that your receipts can be used on each one of these apps. So for every receipt you get, you can use it on each one of the five apps listed above. You can also earn money back on your shopping by using Checkoutsmart, Shopmium and GreenJinn. They update regularly with offers where you can buy the specific product listed on the app, scan your receipt and get reimbursed. The amount that you can get paid back differs depending on the offer available, however sometimes it’s 100% meaning that you can often try products, after cashback, for free.

Start to scan receipts for money back and you could bump up your bank balance in no time.

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